Student Ministry in Watertown, SD

About Us

Henry and Ellisha moved to Watertown, South Dakota in September of 2020 from Phoenix, Arizona. They came with a call to youth ministry and burden from God to help serve the community of Watertown and the state of South Dakota.  In addition to serving as the Student Pastor, they also serve as District Youth Secretary. 


Every month youth 180 gathers for a time of fellowship, prayer, worship, teaching, preaching, and fun at our monthly youth-focused events. From singing and worship to teaching and prayer, we empower students to get involved in these services to share their burden, talent, and word from God with us all.


Throughout the year we also attend several local and statewide events, as well as national events, like NAYC, to get our students involved with other young men and young ladies of like-minded faith.

Youth 180 is dedicated to promoting an atmosphere that leads young people ages 12 to 18 years to Jesus through the Acts 2:38 message.

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