The Children Are Free

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 17:26 There is a liberating power we are meant to tap into as the children of God. But if we do not know that we are…

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Six Battles Of David

Joe Campetella David fought six battles that we all may face. He won five of the battles and lost one of them. It is imperative that we learn and glean from David who was a man after God's own heart.

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Warfare of the Mind

Keith Fletcher There is a spiritual battle warring in our minds that is wanting to enslave us by fear. God wants to set us free from this prison and give us the mind of Christ and be victorious.

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Getting God’s Attention

Jared Kemmis John 4:23-24 Whose attention are you trying to get? If you are at all interested in getting the attention of God Almighty, there are a number of ways to capture His eye. A major one that people withhold from God is expressive, and demonstrative praise. God is drawn to people who are willing to humble themselves for the attention of God.

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