I’ll Meet You At Wits’ End

Pastor Mark Brown Psalm 107:27 God is ready to meet us when we are ready to come to the end of our wisdom and ingenuity. The Lord has called us…

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The First Miracle Of Jesus

Pastor Mark Brown John 2:11 There is a first for everything. Whether you have never experienced a miracle, or there is a particular miracle you have yet to see, there is a first for everything. See what took place to bring about the first miracle Jesus performed.

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Be It Unto Me

Jared Kemmis Luke 1:38 The announcement the angel of the Lord gave to Mary was extraordinary. Though the declaration was electrifying, there still had to be a willingness from Mary to subject herself all the ramifications of a virgin birth. Without hesitation Mary trusted God, and by faith decreed "be it unto me" and the miraculous began.

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Quit While You’re Ahead

Pastor Mark Ruth 1:16 The life Naomi and Ruth lived in Moab obviously wasn't working. The wisest thing to do was quit while they were ahead, or quit while they still had their head. Ruth amazingly surrendered to a God she knew nothing about, but sensed something about. God can do miraculous things through a surrendered life that quits the old life.

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What Do You See?

Zechariah 4:2 The angel woke Zechariah up & asked what he saw. The man of God saw a candle stick and olive trees, but there angel saw more than that. There is more than what you are seeing.

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Rich Toward God

Luke 12:13-21 There is nothing wrong with being rich. The problem is when our riches our toward ourselves and not towards the Kingdom of God. We have to manage our money or it will begin to manage us. There is an element of the spiritual behind the financial.

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