You And Yosemite

Pastor Mark Brown 1Corinthians 3:12-15 Yosemite National Park is not the same as it was over a hundred years ago. Not all growth is good growth. God designed some things…

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Unanticipated Dangers of a Trial

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 27:41-43 Trials have dangers that are obvious. One can become bitter, backslider, or casualty. There are some other dangers that are not so obvious. An unanticipated danger of a trial is not what can happen to you, but that all you think about it is. Jesus on the cross focused and reached to those around Him.

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The Greatest Passover In The Darkest Hour

2 Kings 23:21-22 Josiah was a young king who took the children of Israel in their darkest hour & held the greatest Passover. What did he do, that we can to hold celebrate the greatest Passover in the midst of our darkest hour?

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Determined To Be Depressed

Genesis 37:31-33 Jacob was persuaded by an assumed reality that his son Joseph was dead. His family tried to comfort him but he refused their comfort determined to die mourning. He was determined to be depressed. It is false to assume there is no hope of life. Do not make the same mistake.

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