I’ll Meet You At Wits’ End

Pastor Mark Brown Psalm 107:27 God is ready to meet us when we are ready to come to the end of our wisdom and ingenuity. The Lord has called us…

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Limiting The Holy One

Pastor Mark Brown Psalm 78:41 God is all powerful and has all authority, but people have the capacity to limit God. They limit the level in which He can operate and perform in their lives and through them. It should be a goal to allow God to perform in limitless ways in our lives.

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Keeper Of The Keys

Rodney Shaw Revelation 3:20 God will not force Himself into the door of our lives. If a healing of God is to be, it is up to the one with the keys. We are the keeper of the keys. We have the will to allow God to have His way.

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There is a Lad…Here

John 6:9 The disciples looked like they were presented with an impossible feat of feeding the five thousand. Provision was made by a young lad in that multitude. I believe in the realm of the impossible there is a Lad...Here that is destined to make a difference.

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All In

Mark 12:28-30 Colossians 2:9 The Greatest commandment is to love the One True Living God with ALL of who we are. God loved us so much that He did not give a third of Himself to us but He went ALL IN. The fulness of God was in Christ.

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In Him

Guest Speaker Joe Harmon preaches the importance of being "In Him'. When Jesus is not the center we are incomplete.

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