What Kindles Your Fire?

Pastor Mark Brown Jeremiah 7:18 Fires can be constructive or destructive. The fires in life you have taken time to build and maintain can bring warmth, but leave you in sorrow. Are you kindling the right fire? The world is full of anxiety and depression, but God is full of a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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I Don’t Care

Pastor Mark Brown 1 Peter 5:7 You ever meet someone who seems to care less or not care at all? It appears those who care less stress less. Perhaps there is something we can learn from their behavior. Maybe we carry too much care when we should be casting our cares upon God

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Casting Cares

3/30/14 Sunday Pastor Mark Brown 1 Peter 5:7 We are told to cast our cares upon God because He cares for us. There are three places God lets us cast our cares. 1) Prayer 2) Word 3) Church

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