Falling Asleep In Church

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 20:9 Church is a place where our soul can find rest. At the same time someone can get too comfortable in church where they end up…

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I Don’t Get It But I Got It

John 9:25 The blind mind that received his sight was asked how he was healed. He could not really explain it other than "I was blind, but now I see". He didn't get it, but he got it. We cannot always explain or totally understand the ways of God we have experienced.

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Prepared For You

John 14:1-3 Jesus has prepared a place for us. We must now prepare our hearts for Him.

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Led by the Spirit, Tempted by the Devil

Matthew 4:1 Jesus was Led by the Spirit to be Tempted by the Devil. How many times have we left a service full of faith only to be shortly visited by the devil?

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Not Void

God is NOT a LIAR. When He makes a promised it is not empty or VOID. God's Word will accomplish what it declared. The promise of the Holy Ghost is for you.

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