Free Ice Water

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:47 The answering to the Lord adding to the church isn't as complex as we think. There's beauty in simplicity.

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Disciple: Be One Make One Part 1

Pastor Mark Brown 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul love souls too much to leave them un-discipled. He trained Timothy into a disciple to train others into disciples. If we are ever going to reach our world we must slow down and grow through a major DiscipleShift. You will know you are a disciple when you can name your disciple.

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Blessed Are The Barren

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 23:29 There are two types of blessings from a barren womb. Which side of the blessing will you fall on? Barren wombs have the capacity to birth desperation.

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Proximity of Redemption

Pastor Mark Brown Mark 12:34 In our pursuit of God let us not get so close but not close enough. It will be a sad day for many who were so close to redemption but remain eternally far. The end of time is approaching and many are in the proximity of destruction but the church is in the proximity of redemption.

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