Lessons Of Leadership At The Feet Of Jesus

Victor Jackson John 12:3 Every time Mary of Bethany was mentioned in the Bible it was always in connection to the feet of Jesus. There are invaluable lessons that we can learn at the feet of Jesus.

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Unprofitable But Reasonable

Luke 17:10 Romans 12:1 Jesus said we are "unprofitable servants". This is counterproductive to a society interested in profit margins. Some may say "God requires too much" but the truth is that the life of an Unprofitable Servant is Reasonable. God is never asking above or beyond reason.

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Insecurity & Inventory

1 Corinthians 1:29 If you struggle with insecurity you ought to take some inventory of why you're insecure. The greatest in the kingdom is the least.

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In Him

Guest Speaker Joe Harmon preaches the importance of being "In Him'. When Jesus is not the center we are incomplete.

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