Apostolic Risk

Landon Gore John 21 There is always a risk to sacrifice, but the reward is greater than the risk.

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Let’s Go Get the Glory

Pastor Jared Kemmis 1 Chronicles 13:1-4 David didn't waste any time in bringing the ark of God to him. The church must pursue the glory of God

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The Fat

Pastor Mark Brown Leviticus 3:16 God is interested in your fat. All of us have a level of excess in our lives. Fat is the pleasures of this world. Not merely sin, but activities that can crowd out the health God would like us to have in our walk with Him. Fat catches up, and eventually you will not be able to perform for God what you use to.

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The Pain and Power of Sacrifice

Pastor Mark Brown 1 Samuel 6:7 With every sacrifice God will provide power. Simultaneously that same sacrifice will bring about great pain. In the end it will be worth it all as faces in the harvest see what you bring them from your sacrifice.

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How The Fire Fell

Pastor Mark Brown 2 Chronicles 7:3 Amazing moments occurred in God's Word where the fire of the Lord came into a moment. It would serve us well to find out "How the Fire Fell". What happened prior to the downpour of fire that arrested the attention of the Lord God Almighty to display Himself in such a fashion. God started the church on fire not to end it in a frost.

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Unprofitable But Reasonable

Luke 17:10 Romans 12:1 Jesus said we are "unprofitable servants". This is counterproductive to a society interested in profit margins. Some may say "God requires too much" but the truth is that the life of an Unprofitable Servant is Reasonable. God is never asking above or beyond reason.

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