Seven Locks of Consecration

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:19 Samson was not like other men because of his consecration. When we remove our consecration we remove our power. Our power lies within our Seven Locks of Consecration.

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Proximity of Redemption

Pastor Mark Brown Mark 12:34 In our pursuit of God let us not get so close but not close enough. It will be a sad day for many who were so close to redemption but remain eternally far. The end of time is approaching and many are in the proximity of destruction but the church is in the proximity of redemption.

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Testimony of Doug Fuller & Troy Stuwe

Revelation 12:11 The Bible tells us we overcome Satan by the word of our testimony & the blood of the Lamb. Listen to the inspiring testimony of two individuals that God saved from a broken past.

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The Law of Leprosy

Leviticus 14:57 Leprosy is a disease that all want outside the camp, but that leprosy looks different when it's in your home.

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