Seven Locks of Consecration

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:19 Samson was not like other men because of his consecration. When we remove our consecration we remove our power. Our power lies within our Seven Locks of Consecration.

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The Pain and Power of Sacrifice

Pastor Mark Brown 1 Samuel 6:7 With every sacrifice God will provide power. Simultaneously that same sacrifice will bring about great pain. In the end it will be worth it all as faces in the harvest see what you bring them from your sacrifice.

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Why & How to Pray 30 minutes

3/12/14 Wednesday Pastor Mark Brown James 5:13-17 The Bible speaks extensively about Prayer & it's purpose & power. Tonight we learn why we should pray & how we should pray. If you struggle praying more than 5 minutes this is for you. Learn how to pray at least 30 minutes.

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