Preserve Me

Scott Armstrong Psalm 16:1 God is not only willing to save us but He is also able to preserve us. What the Lord cleans out of us, and places within us can be kept safe by the seal of the Spirit.

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Teach My Hands To War

Pastor Mark Brown 2 Samuel 22:35 We all fight battles. If we intend on winning any battle that we are up against we ought to pray for God to instruct us on how to fight and win that battle. David prayed "Teach My Hands to War" & he was a mighty man of valor.

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The Origin of Man

Genesis 1:26 From the very beginning of creation God gave man dominion over the world. Now we live in a world by which we are dominated. We must know our origin of intended purpose or we risk living a life without ever fulfilling our purpose.

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The Greatest Passover In The Darkest Hour

2 Kings 23:21-22 Josiah was a young king who took the children of Israel in their darkest hour & held the greatest Passover. What did he do, that we can to hold celebrate the greatest Passover in the midst of our darkest hour?

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A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Hebrews 12:1 Pastor Robert Simons from Dickinson, ND singing & preaching. If you feel down on yourself as if you cannot get victory over sin or life you must consider those who have gone before us that have had victory over sin and they were no different than us. If God can do it for them He can do it for us.

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