Wrong Season But Good Reason

Pastor Mark Brown Mark 11:13 Jesus expected to receive figs from a tree that was out of season. God may ask for things when we feel we are living in…

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Directions For The Dry Place

Jared Kemmis Psalm 84:6-7 There are moments in life we arrive to destinations that are dry, but the Lord is gracious enough to not leave us without direction. In your dilemma there is direction. God can drench that which was dry. The water accumulated will depend upon the obedience to the direction given in your dry place.

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The Book of James Chapter 1

Pastor Mark Brown The Book of James is one of the shorter books in the Bible but is a very powerful and packed letter to the church. The first chapter challenges us to be endure trials, develop patience, not blame God, obey the Word, control our tongue, & live pure religion!

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Ten Commandments: Part 6

Exodus 20:12 The Fifth Commandment tells us to honor our father and mother. For some that may be easy, while for others the most difficult task in the world when their father or mother did not do much to deserve honor. How do we fulfill this command?

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