Way Beyond Me

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:39 The victory is beyond our ability. And the effects of salvation goes beyond an individual with affects that are generational.

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Christian Reactions

Pastor Mark Brown Ephesians 4:26 Life is full of situations that cause us to react. We must make sure that our reactions are Christlike.

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This Glorious Gospel

Joe Campetella Many have heard the word "gospel" but few know what it's true definition is. The gospel is "Good News", but what is the news?

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I Don’t Get It But I Got It

John 9:25 The blind mind that received his sight was asked how he was healed. He could not really explain it other than "I was blind, but now I see". He didn't get it, but he got it. We cannot always explain or totally understand the ways of God we have experienced.

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