Talk Is Cheap

1 Corinthians 4:20 Paul had to confront numerous people who talked about how weak Paul was & how powerful they were. Paul told them he was going to arrive soon & the power of God would verify his authority. Talk is Cheap

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Gifts of the Spirit: Part 3

Tonight we continue our focus on the "Gifts of Power". The Gift of Faith, The Working of Miracles, & The Gifts of Healing.

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Can I Believe It?

Global Missions Director Bruce Howell shares why he can believe the miracles of the Bible as he has seen them with his own eyes all over the world!

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Apostolic Demonstration

The Apostles did not merely start churches on Apostolic Doctrine but they coupled it with Apostolic Demonstration. This Bible Study is to challenge us to desire the supernatural that is made available to us.

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