Worship or Worry

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 6:34 It has been said that "Worrying is the worship of your problem". Jesus did not call us to worry but to worship. The enemy knows…

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The Sufficiency Of The Day

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 6:34 2Corinthians 12:9 There is not enough day to fit in all that pours into our lives. There is an abundance of evil, and there is an abundance of grace. Do not allow your day to be saturated with the sin and the weights of this world when grace can be your portion and sufficiency of the day.

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When You Give

Jesus talk about "When You Give" not "If You Give". He was the greatest example of a Life that Gave Everything.

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When You Fast

Jesus said "When You Fast" not "If You Fast". Fasting is a part of what it means to be a Christian. Listen to what the Bible says about the power of fasting.

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When You Pray

Jesus stated "When you pray" not "IF you pray". As Christians it is imperative that we learn the discipline & power of prayer.

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