Do You Hear What I Hear?

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 2:18 A horrible sound of death and loss went forth throughout the land. It was a dark hour as thousands of babies were executed in the days of King Herod. That sound was the predominate tone. But in the midst of their cries was the cry of a newborn that would bring comfort.

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Who Found Baby Jesus?

Matthew 2:8 Luke 2:16 All of Israel waited for the Messiah but few sent out to seek the Messiah. Of the hosts who were made aware of the Messiah's arrival who were they that found Him & how did they find Him? Will you search diligently for Jesus?

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Four Kings

Christmas is full of rich traditions such as "The Three Kings". One in that manger scene was a King & not a mere tradition. Listen to Who this baby was & is.

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