Be It Unto Me

Jared Kemmis Luke 1:38 The announcement the angel of the Lord gave to Mary was extraordinary. Though the declaration was electrifying, there still had to be a willingness from Mary to subject herself all the ramifications of a virgin birth. Without hesitation Mary trusted God, and by faith decreed "be it unto me" and the miraculous began.

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Breaking Tradition

Luke 1:63 Zacharias was a man of tradition and customs, but it lead him to being smote mute by the Angel of the Lord after doubting the miracle of him and his wife having a son. When the day came to name his son Zacharias did not let tradition get in the way of truth & obeyed the Lord in naming his son John & the Holy Ghost came upon him & began to prophesy.

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Fear Not

Matthew 1:20 Luke 1:30 Luke 2:10 Three times the angel told three different people to "Fear Not". Each were faced with different fears & God gave them hope to defeat their fear.

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