Driven To Worship

Pastor Mark Brown Deuteronomy 4:19 Everyone is driven to worship something. We must worship the right thing. Worship is a powerful weapon when it is done in spirit and in truth. If not careful we will only worship God on the mountaintop and never in the valley. Incomplete victory is no freedom at all.

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Slaves in the Land of Plenty

Nathan Miller Nehemiah 9:36 How many today are living a life with plenty of provision, but ultimately in prison? It is not the will of God for us to full physically & empty spiritually. God wants to set all of us free from any form of captivity. God is not only able to deliver, but He is willing to.

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Your Problem

Isaiah 54:1-4 Your Problem may seem obvious, & solution clueless, but listen to the Word of God on 4 ways to address Your Problem.

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