Contractions and Reactions

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 1:44 When Mary announced she had arrived to her cousin Elizabeth, the baby within Elizabeth jumped within her for joy. If a 6 month unborn child can react to being in the presence of an unborn King how much more should we who are born again respond to a Risen Savior.

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The Purpose Of Praise And Worship

Kirk Peters Psalm 145:3 There is much emphasis placed on giving God our praise and worship, but why? Listen and discover all the benefits there are to give God expressive praise. Some may feel that it is not within their personality construct to be that kind of Christian but listen to Kirk's testimony of being a timid introvert that broke through the praise barrier.

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What Kindles Your Fire?

Pastor Mark Brown Jeremiah 7:18 Fires can be constructive or destructive. The fires in life you have taken time to build and maintain can bring warmth, but leave you in sorrow. Are you kindling the right fire? The world is full of anxiety and depression, but God is full of a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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Making The Church Great Again

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:47 The church that was started in the book of Acts was a great church. It is the will of God for the church to always be great and triumphant. We must do our part as God does His part to make certain that we are a part of church being great.

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The Joy of Salvation

Salvation is the greatest promise & gift offered to us & yet we can find ourselves losing the joy we have & envying what joy the world seems to be having. We must pray that God restores to us the Joy of Salvation

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