The Burden Of Vision

Pastor Mark Brown Isaiah 22:1 Prophets would hear from God and relay the message to the people. But sometimes God would show the prophets the message and they would convey…

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How Did We Get Here?

Jordan Brown Proverbs 16:9 Psalm 37:23 Our location now has a history and an unfolding story. As one begins to research and investigate they will begin to discover the hand of God is behind all of it. Knowing this our faith is fed to expect what He began He will complete in miraculous fashion.

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Directions For The Dry Place

Jared Kemmis Psalm 84:6-7 There are moments in life we arrive to destinations that are dry, but the Lord is gracious enough to not leave us without direction. In your dilemma there is direction. God can drench that which was dry. The water accumulated will depend upon the obedience to the direction given in your dry place.

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I Am Not a Beggar

Luke 16:3 Pastor Mark We try to shield ourselves from shame, but there should be some things we are ashamed of, so that it will change us. It is time we declare who we are rather than beg who we want to be.

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Testimony of Doug Fuller & Troy Stuwe

Revelation 12:11 The Bible tells us we overcome Satan by the word of our testimony & the blood of the Lamb. Listen to the inspiring testimony of two individuals that God saved from a broken past.

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There is a Lad…Here

John 6:9 The disciples looked like they were presented with an impossible feat of feeding the five thousand. Provision was made by a young lad in that multitude. I believe in the realm of the impossible there is a Lad...Here that is destined to make a difference.

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