Free Ice Water

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:47 The answering to the Lord adding to the church isn't as complex as we think. There's beauty in simplicity.

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From a Season to a Dimension

Landon Gore 2Kings 8:1 God can restore everything lost in the season of a seven year famine in one day. Not just a restoration of the home and land lost, but the harvest of seven years restored.

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Knowing Your Season

Rodney Shaw Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Life is full of seasons. Seasons come and seasons go. We would benefit if we would recognize our season and not despise our season. If we do not prepare or learn in our current season, the next season will be equally difficult.

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An Uncircumcised Tree

Pastor Mark Brown Leviticus 19:23-25 Some of the Lord's ways seem counter productive at first, but eventually over the process of time it becomes clear that God has a reason for His laws. If we obey the Lord of the Harvest we will see increase in our harvest.

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It’s Not The End

Chris Green Matthew 24:6 An awareness has gripped our world as it looks around at all the signs of instability possibly contemplating that "This must be the end". Jesus is not caught off guard. He knew the signs of the times before His return, and He promised somethings before the end came.

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Expansion Efforts

God is challenging us to "Expand our Tents". We must make an effort for the expansion we want to see happen. We will break forth!

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