Why One God Matters

Pastor Mark Brown Deuteronomy 6:4 Matthew 16:15 There are countless beliefs about God. The scripture indicates that this topic is more than justmere semantics, but one's view carries consequence.

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Seven Locks Of Consecration: The Mighty God In Christ

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:17 Judges 16:19 Samson's strength came from his seven locks of consecrations. The fourth lock of consecration is The Mighty God in Christ. Jesus is not merely part of God. Jesus is God. Grace is brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

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The Seventh Hand

Pastor Mark Brown Ezekiel 43:13 The dimensions of the altar was to be a cubit and the breadth of a hand. Man's ingenuity is capable of many amazing feats, but ultimately we fall short without the Seventh Hand upon the work we do for God. Above all we must have the Hand of the Lord upon us. This service also includes prophecies from BOTT and a testimony of the Lord healing and answering a prayer.

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Except the Lord

Today's churches teach "accept the Lord" but the Bible teaches "Except the Lord". Unless God is for it, it is then vain.

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