Make Grace Loud

Pastor Mark Brown Zechariah 4:7 The character image of grace initially stokes thoughts of something gentle, calm, soft, perhaps even passive. But there is another side to grace and it…

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Why Holiness? Part 2

Pastor Mark Brown Hebrews 12:14 Holiness is an attribute of God that is to be desired. Holiness correctly understood will encourage someone and give them hope. Holiness shows God's willingness…

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Wrong Season But Good Reason

Pastor Mark Brown Mark 11:13 Jesus expected to receive figs from a tree that was out of season. God may ask for things when we feel we are living in…

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The Sufficiency Of The Day

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 6:34 2Corinthians 12:9 There is not enough day to fit in all that pours into our lives. There is an abundance of evil, and there is an abundance of grace. Do not allow your day to be saturated with the sin and the weights of this world when grace can be your portion and sufficiency of the day.

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When Satan Saw Love

Joe Campetella Satan was cast down from heaven and not had a second opportunity to make right with God. When Satan deceived Adam and Eve into sin, they received something that the devil did not expect. A second chance. The Lord extended grace to a creation that He loved.

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