The Beauty of The Temple

Pastor Mark Brown Psalm 84:1 The Temple of God was a beautiful place. The people of God could not imagine life without it. But what happens when the temple is…

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Seven Locks Of Consecration: The Church

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:17 Judges 16:19 Samson's strength came from his seven locks of consecrations. The third lock of consecration is The Church. We don't just believe we are the church, but we are faithful to church.

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Vial Prayers

Pastor Mark Brown Isaiah 1:15 There are prayers God does not want to hear & is not obligated to hear. These are vile prayers. We must learn not to pray that way. Then there are prayers that fill vials in heaven. These are Vial Prayers. Prayers don't die & our prayers are not alone. A host of prayers are ascending into heaven filling up those vials that will pour over one day upon the earth at the end of time.

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I Think I’ll Go To Church

Luke 2:27 Simeon was a faithful man. The Spirit prompted him in hope to see what the Spirit promised him. To see the Messiah before he died. Good thing he went to church that day or he would have missed the Messiah. It is best to settle in our minds "I Think I'll Go to Church".

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