He’s Coming Back

Pastor Jared Kemmis 1Thessalonians 4:16-18 In the chaos of these times, it is helpful for us to remember that Jesus is coming back for His church. This must stir us…

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It’s Not The End

Chris Green Matthew 24:6 An awareness has gripped our world as it looks around at all the signs of instability possibly contemplating that "This must be the end". Jesus is not caught off guard. He knew the signs of the times before His return, and He promised somethings before the end came.

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Proximity of Redemption

Pastor Mark Brown Mark 12:34 In our pursuit of God let us not get so close but not close enough. It will be a sad day for many who were so close to redemption but remain eternally far. The end of time is approaching and many are in the proximity of destruction but the church is in the proximity of redemption.

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Days Of Noah

Matthew 24:37-39 Jesus Christ is going to return for His Church. He stated that the condition of that time would be similar to the Days of Noah.

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Knowing the Time

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 At the precise time the enemy is coming in like a flood, God is raising up a standard. While souls leave the faith in the last days, God is also pouring out His Spirit. Know what is going on at this present time.

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