The Journey

Pastor Mark Brown On that first Christmas various people travelled from near and far to see the new born Savior Jesus. People had different distances, and difficulties to overcome, but the purpose of the journey is what drove them to that manger scene. What keeps you on the journey?

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 2:18 A horrible sound of death and loss went forth throughout the land. It was a dark hour as thousands of babies were executed in the days of King Herod. That sound was the predominate tone. But in the midst of their cries was the cry of a newborn that would bring comfort.

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Be It Unto Me

Jared Kemmis Luke 1:38 The announcement the angel of the Lord gave to Mary was extraordinary. Though the declaration was electrifying, there still had to be a willingness from Mary to subject herself all the ramifications of a virgin birth. Without hesitation Mary trusted God, and by faith decreed "be it unto me" and the miraculous began.

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Contractions and Reactions

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 1:44 When Mary announced she had arrived to her cousin Elizabeth, the baby within Elizabeth jumped within her for joy. If a 6 month unborn child can react to being in the presence of an unborn King how much more should we who are born again respond to a Risen Savior.

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Pastor Mark Brown Luke 1:35 The miracle of the virgin birth was all because the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary. The power of the Holy Ghost wants more than just to cast a shadow upon us, or to envelop us in a haze of brilliance. The Holy Ghost wants the presence that casts the shadow within us.

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Who Found Baby Jesus?

Matthew 2:8 Luke 2:16 All of Israel waited for the Messiah but few sent out to seek the Messiah. Of the hosts who were made aware of the Messiah's arrival who were they that found Him & how did they find Him? Will you search diligently for Jesus?

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