From a Season to a Dimension

Landon Gore 2Kings 8:1 God can restore everything lost in the season of a seven year famine in one day. Not just a restoration of the home and land lost, but the harvest of seven years restored.

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Six Battles Of David

Joe Campetella David fought six battles that we all may face. He won five of the battles and lost one of them. It is imperative that we learn and glean from David who was a man after God's own heart.

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The Angel of Cornelius

Roy Barnhill Acts 10:1-6 There are individuals such as Cornelius in the Bible who are good, moral, religious, and yet lost. It is going to take an act of God to orchestrate a divine invitation to bring them to the fullness of truth. God is ready to dispatch the angel of Cornelius into your city.

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The Order Of Revival

Pastor Mark Brown Jeremiah 1:10 There will always be resistance to any revival, and to obtain that revival there is an order and process that we must go through. It is easier to give in to the pressure and succumb to the atmosphere of resistance but we must fight back not just with hear and mind, but also soul and strength

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How The Fire Fell

Pastor Mark Brown 2 Chronicles 7:3 Amazing moments occurred in God's Word where the fire of the Lord came into a moment. It would serve us well to find out "How the Fire Fell". What happened prior to the downpour of fire that arrested the attention of the Lord God Almighty to display Himself in such a fashion. God started the church on fire not to end it in a frost.

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