Blessed But Barren

Jared Kemmis 1 Samuel 1:2 In Bible times is was a stigma to be a married woman without children. It was not an inherit biological problem she had, but the Lord shut up her womb. God used Hannah's barrenness to bring about a brokenness in her life. God may bless you sometimes to see how bad you actually want Him. A blessing does not produce brokenness. A blessing produces a distraction. A blessing can soothe the reality of being barren. Are you satisfied with a blessing, and remain barren?

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The Purpose Of Praise And Worship

Kirk Peters Psalm 145:3 There is much emphasis placed on giving God our praise and worship, but why? Listen and discover all the benefits there are to give God expressive praise. Some may feel that it is not within their personality construct to be that kind of Christian but listen to Kirk's testimony of being a timid introvert that broke through the praise barrier.

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Jesus said "blessed are they that hunger". Listen to see the blessing & the cursing of hunger.

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