The Seventh Hand

Pastor Mark Brown Ezekiel 43:13 The dimensions of the altar was to be a cubit and the breadth of a hand. Man's ingenuity is capable of many amazing feats, but ultimately we fall short without the Seventh Hand upon the work we do for God. Above all we must have the Hand of the Lord upon us. This service also includes prophecies from BOTT and a testimony of the Lord healing and answering a prayer.

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How To Be An Altar Worker

Pastor Mark Brown 2 Chronicles 29:34 There is a dying breed of altar workers today. People who know how to pray with others seeking God is needed now more than ever. If you would like to learn how to pray with people effectively in the altar then listen to this lesson.

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But Dust & Ashes

Genesis 18:27 When Abraham was interceding for Sodom & Gomorrah he approached with humility and reverence claiming that he was "but dust and ashes" and the Lord heard his cry and was ready to spare the city for 10 righteous souls. How do you view yourself? Time in the altar can transform you into ashes.

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The Horns of the Altar

Exodus 29:12 The Horns of the Altar were a symbol of mercy and grace. People would hold onto those horns till they were assure all would be safe. God wants us to change after the altar or He may cuts the horns off the altar.

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