When Satan Saw Love

Joe Campetella Satan was cast down from heaven and not had a second opportunity to make right with God. When Satan deceived Adam and Eve into sin, they received something that the devil did not expect. A second chance. The Lord extended grace to a creation that He loved.

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Six Battles Of David

Joe Campetella David fought six battles that we all may face. He won five of the battles and lost one of them. It is imperative that we learn and glean from David who was a man after God's own heart.

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Seven Dimensions of Prayer

Joe Campetella South Dakota Youth Convention There are different levels in prayer. There is a parallel between the process through the Old Testament tabernacle and the process into the deeper dimensions of prayer.

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This Glorious Gospel

Joe Campetella Many have heard the word "gospel" but few know what it's true definition is. The gospel is "Good News", but what is the news?

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