Holy Grounds: Part 1

Pastor Mark Brown Proverbs 4:23 Jesus gave the parable of 4 types of ground that sower plants seed on. Our heart is the ground and the Word is the seed. Our heart can be found in any one of those conditions. We must be diligent to value the seed and the soil so we can be fruitful.

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Seven Locks of Consecration: The Word

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:17 Judges 16:19 Samson's strength came from his seven locks of consecrations. The first lock of consecration the church must uphold is the Word of God. That is the Foundation of our Salvation. Our stance on the Word of God distinguishes us from being weak as others.

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I Have Come For Thy Words

Pastor Mark Brown Daniel 10:12 We come to church to hear the Word of the Lord and a Word from God. We should also come to church to realize that God comes to hear a word from us.

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The City That I Gave You

Pastor Mark Brown Jeremiah 23:39 We have a promise for our city from a God Who cannot lie. In order for us to see revival we must be faithful to the Word of God regardless of what everyone else might be saying.

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Sow What?

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 8:11 Do you have the truth? So what. If you have the truth you ought to be thankful, but holding the truth & withholding the truth is wrong. What truth are you sowing? The Written Word did not move Satan in the wilderness with Jesus. The Spoken Word is what caused the enemy to eventually leave. The Written Word must become the Spoken Word in our community.

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The Armor of God: Sword of the Spirit

Ephesians 6:17 The pieces of armor we have discuss have a defensive element to them. The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God is a powerful weapon for us to advance. The Word is not meant to hurt but help.

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