A Small Window of Opportunity

Pastor Mark Brown 1Samuel 17:29 There are moments that are presented and sometimes that we are thrust into, and the time to respond is very limited. In this unprecedented hour,…

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Regions Beyond Reach

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 17:5 2Corinthians 10:16 Life is full of things that appear unattainable or beyond our reach. This fact can discourage us from pursuing them, but there is…

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From a Season to a Dimension

Landon Gore 2Kings 8:1 God can restore everything lost in the season of a seven year famine in one day. Not just a restoration of the home and land lost, but the harvest of seven years restored.

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Blessed But Barren

Jared Kemmis 1 Samuel 1:2 In Bible times is was a stigma to be a married woman without children. It was not an inherit biological problem she had, but the Lord shut up her womb. God used Hannah's barrenness to bring about a brokenness in her life. God may bless you sometimes to see how bad you actually want Him. A blessing does not produce brokenness. A blessing produces a distraction. A blessing can soothe the reality of being barren. Are you satisfied with a blessing, and remain barren?

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An Uncircumcised Tree

Pastor Mark Brown Leviticus 19:23-25 Some of the Lord's ways seem counter productive at first, but eventually over the process of time it becomes clear that God has a reason for His laws. If we obey the Lord of the Harvest we will see increase in our harvest.

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