You’re Worth More

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 10:31 The faith we have is worth far more than we could ever comprehend. Our faith is worth more than we are treating it. Our faith…

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He Ain’t Finished Yet

Jared Kemmis Hebrews 12:1-2 God is the author and finisher of our faith. He starts from the end and reveals that plan to us from the beginning. It can feel as if all hope is lost, but God in one moment can turn it around. When discouraged revisit the end result God has in mind.

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All Things Work Together

Pastor Mark Brown Romans 8:28 Many events in life may feel random or chaotic, but on the tapestry of God's canvas, all things are tied together for the greater purpose of God's perfect will. You're not alone, for God is at work in your situation.

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Your Problem

Isaiah 54:1-4 Your Problem may seem obvious, & solution clueless, but listen to the Word of God on 4 ways to address Your Problem.

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Fear Not

Matthew 1:20 Luke 1:30 Luke 2:10 Three times the angel told three different people to "Fear Not". Each were faced with different fears & God gave them hope to defeat their fear.

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