Valuable Isolation

Pastor Mark Brown Ephesians 6:6 Society currently, is one of "be seen and be heard". Personality is promoted over character. Constant activity is the norm. The culture of Jesus tends to be the opposite of the world. There is great value and power in being alone with God on a daily basis.

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Feeble Fathers

Pastor Mark Brown Jeremiah 47:3 The Father is to be the spiritual leader of the home, guiding, and guarding the family. Unfortunately in this current society we have a third of children raised in a fatherless homes. This hour needs faithful fathers, not more feeble fathers.

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Pastor Mark Brown 1 Timothy 4:15 Paul was an amazing example of someone that was "wholly" given to the Lord. Athletes that excel and become champions are completely given to their discipline. We must not give less for the Best.

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Heart Burn

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 24:32 Heartburn is a side effect of diet. A constant intake of this world will bring about a sinful reflux. But there is another kind of Heart Burn that can stir within us. It is a yearning for more of Jesus. This type has no negative side effects.

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Almost Christian

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 26:28 Paul's testimony was so powerful, and anointed that it almost persuaded King Agrippa to be a Christian. Unfortunately an "Almost Christian" is not a Christian. God wants to transform us from almost to all-in.

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Disciple: Be One Make One Part 2

Pastor Mark Brown Genesis 5:29 Lamech was so tired of the condition of the curse he named his new born son Noah. He was determined to disciple and raise a child that would bring comfort, rest, & relief. Could Lamech ever truly fathom that his parenting would change the course of history, and preserve the existence of mankind, and lineage of the Messiah. Discipleship literally can change everything.

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