Almost Christian

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 26:28 Paul's testimony was so powerful, and anointed that it almost persuaded King Agrippa to be a Christian. Unfortunately an "Almost Christian" is not a Christian. God wants to transform us from almost to all-in.

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Slaves in the Land of Plenty

Nathan Miller Nehemiah 9:36 How many today are living a life with plenty of provision, but ultimately in prison? It is not the will of God for us to full physically & empty spiritually. God wants to set all of us free from any form of captivity. God is not only able to deliver, but He is willing to.

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I Am Not a Beggar

Luke 16:3 Pastor Mark We try to shield ourselves from shame, but there should be some things we are ashamed of, so that it will change us. It is time we declare who we are rather than beg who we want to be.

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The Entertainment Trap

Daniel 3:4-7 Rashidi Collins We are the most entertained generation to exist. The entertainment industry is what consumes us & without even knowing it trapping & deceiving us.

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I’ve Been Here Before

Deuteronomy 1:6 Feel like you've been going in circles? The nation of Israel had been going in circles and then finally God told them they had been there "long enough". God wants us to move "northward" from the places we've been before.

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