Valley of Decision

Pastor Mark Brown Joel 3:14 Everyday people make decisions. Every decision has a consequence. But many decisions don't carry significant consequences. Other decisions are crucial. Baptism is one of those…

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Seven Locks Of Consecration: Jesus Name Baptism

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:17 Judges 16:19 Samson's strength came from his seven locks of consecrations. The fifth lock of consecration is Jesus Name Baptism. Baptism is more than a path to church membership. Jesus name baptism washes away the sins we have had forgiven in repentance. Baptism in Jesus name is part of the born again experience.

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When Man Began to Call on The Name of The Lord

Pastor Mark Brown Genesis 4:26 Every great story starts with a basic beginning. The story of redemption begins when men begin to call upon the name of the Lord. If you want a different ending you must initiate this beginning of calling on the name of the Lord Jesus. Everything changes from that moment on when done in faith.

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Healthy Habits And Salvation

Pastor Mark Brown This is a quick Bible Study on helping individuals learn to practice essential healthy habits that grow Christians, and what Jesus said about Salvation

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This Glorious Gospel

Joe Campetella Many have heard the word "gospel" but few know what it's true definition is. The gospel is "Good News", but what is the news?

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The Scent of Water

Pastor Mark Brown Job 14:7-9 Life is hard & cuts us down to size. It is hard to get up when you're a stump that once was a mighty tree, but as long as you can catch the scent of water there is hope to rise again.

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