Way Beyond Me

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:39 The victory is beyond our ability. And the effects of salvation goes beyond an individual with affects that are generational.

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The Promise

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:39 When God makes a promise you can be certain there will be a performance. Persuasion of the promise is key. By faith we have access…

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Seven Locks Of Consecration: Jesus Name Baptism

Pastor Mark Brown Judges 16:17 Judges 16:19 Samson's strength came from his seven locks of consecrations. The fifth lock of consecration is Jesus Name Baptism. Baptism is more than a path to church membership. Jesus name baptism washes away the sins we have had forgiven in repentance. Baptism in Jesus name is part of the born again experience.

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Making The Church Great Again

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 2:47 The church that was started in the book of Acts was a great church. It is the will of God for the church to always be great and triumphant. We must do our part as God does His part to make certain that we are a part of church being great.

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Faith in the Promise

The Gift of God's Spirit is the Promise for everyone. God wants you to have faith that this experience is not just for others, but for you.

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Acts 2 Be Continued: Holy Ghost

Acts 2:38 Peter gave a 3 part answer to the question asked "What must we do?". The third part is the Holy Ghost. Did Peter's message compliment or contradict Jesus' teaching?

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