Apostolic Demonstration

The Apostles did not merely start churches on Apostolic Doctrine but they coupled it with Apostolic Demonstration. This Bible Study is to challenge us to desire the supernatural that is made available to us.

Four Desires

Do you ever feel like there is a “tug-o-war” going on within you? The Bible explains the natures within us & the outside desire of others that surround us. Listen to understand the four desires found in the Bible surrounding you

Finding Faith

Jesus encourages us to never stop bringing our prayers to Him, but He is concerned that when He returns whether or not He will find that kind of faith on the earth.


God expects us to be honest. If we are honest with ourselves we really know how serious or not we are with God.

Except the Lord

Today’s churches teach “accept the Lord” but the Bible teaches “Except the Lord”. Unless God is for it, it is then vain.

Four Kings

Christmas is full of rich traditions such as “The Three Kings”. One in that manger scene was a King & not a mere tradition. Listen to Who this baby was & is.