Remember The Sabbath

The longest of the Ten Commandments was concerning the Sabbath Day. How does it apply to us today? Let’s not forget the Sabbath but Remember

Belief of One God

We need to see the importance & power of the Belief of One God. This revelation causes the devils in hell to tremble. There is revival in One God to be had.

The Heart of Nehemiah

Nehemiah served in the comfort of a palace as a cup bearer, but his heart was to be a wall builder. Today we need God to raise people with a Heart of Nehemiah.

Gifts of the Spirit: Part 4

The Speaking Gifts (Prophecy, Diver Kinds of Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues) are the Voice of Christ to the Body of Christ

When You Give

Jesus talk about “When You Give” not “If You Give”. He was the greatest example of a Life that Gave Everything.

When You Fast

Jesus said “When You Fast” not “If You Fast”. Fasting is a part of what it means to be a Christian. Listen to what the Bible says about the power of fasting.