When You Fast

Jesus said “When You Fast” not “If You Fast”. Fasting is a part of what it means to be a Christian. Listen to what the Bible says about the power of fasting.

In Him

Guest Speaker Joe Harmon preaches the importance of being “In Him’. When Jesus is not the center we are incomplete.

When You Pray

Jesus stated “When you pray” not “IF you pray”. As Christians it is imperative that we learn the discipline & power of prayer.

Gifts of the Spirit: Part 3

Tonight we continue our focus on the “Gifts of Power”. The Gift of Faith, The Working of Miracles, & The Gifts of Healing.

I Was Afraid

Adam heard the voice of the LORD & hid himself telling God “I was afraid”. Fear is a spirit that can keep you away from the presence of God. Feed your Faith & Starve your Fears.

Gifts of the Spirit: Part 2

Tonight we focus on the “Revelation Gifts”. The Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, & the Discerning of spirits.