Remember the Old Days

If not careful we can soon forget our roots & where we came from as we grow from poverty to prosperity. The Jesus Church had humble beginnings & as we grow we will remain steadfast to the Apostle’s Doctrine.

Not Void

God is NOT a LIAR. When He makes a promised it is not empty or VOID. God’s Word will accomplish what it declared. The promise of the Holy Ghost is for you.

Is Anything Too Hard?

Have you ever been asked a question where the answer is obvious? God spoke to Abraham and asked him a question “Is any thing too hard for the LORD?”. Your problem is difficult, but not too difficult for God.

Judge Me

It’s not everyday you hear someone make a request or prayer saying “Judge Me”. In a society & Christian culture that says “Judge Not”, why would David a man after God’s heart pray “Judge Me”?

Remember The Sabbath

The longest of the Ten Commandments was concerning the Sabbath Day. How does it apply to us today? Let’s not forget the Sabbath but Remember

Belief of One God

We need to see the importance & power of the Belief of One God. This revelation causes the devils in hell to tremble. There is revival in One God to be had.