Valuable Isolation

Pastor Mark Brown Ephesians 6:6 Society currently, is one of "be seen and be heard". Personality is promoted over character. Constant activity is the norm. The culture of Jesus tends to be the opposite of the world. There is great value and power in being alone with God on a daily basis.

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Do You See What I See?

Zechariah 4:5-6 The prophet saw a golden candlestick & olive trees but the Angel of the Lord saw something beyond that. You may see yourself as something plain or worthless, but God & your spiritual leadership sees more.

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How Much You Do You Weigh?

Ezra 8:34 When the children of Israel returned to Jerusalem from captivity the took inventory of all the gold & silver. They weighed what they had when they left & weighed it when they arrived to make sure they still had what was measured to them. One day we will be put in the heavenly balances of what God has measured out to us. Will we be found wanting?

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