How Did We Get Here?

Jordan Brown Proverbs 16:9 Psalm 37:23 Our location now has a history and an unfolding story. As one begins to research and investigate they will begin to discover the hand of God is behind all of it. Knowing this our faith is fed to expect what He began He will complete in miraculous fashion.

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The Seventh Hand

Pastor Mark Brown Ezekiel 43:13 The dimensions of the altar was to be a cubit and the breadth of a hand. Man's ingenuity is capable of many amazing feats, but ultimately we fall short without the Seventh Hand upon the work we do for God. Above all we must have the Hand of the Lord upon us. This service also includes prophecies from BOTT and a testimony of the Lord healing and answering a prayer.

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Testimony of Doug Fuller & Troy Stuwe

Revelation 12:11 The Bible tells us we overcome Satan by the word of our testimony & the blood of the Lamb. Listen to the inspiring testimony of two individuals that God saved from a broken past.

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