The Day The Devil Got Seven New Suits

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 19:15-16 The devil likes a good bargain. He will make you feel as if sin is a pretty good deal, but he will rip you off. God and the devil has something in common. They both don't intend to leave you as they found you. The difference is with the devil you will be worse off. With God you will be better off.

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Slaves in the Land of Plenty

Nathan Miller Nehemiah 9:36 How many today are living a life with plenty of provision, but ultimately in prison? It is not the will of God for us to full physically & empty spiritually. God wants to set all of us free from any form of captivity. God is not only able to deliver, but He is willing to.

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The Biggest Jerk In The Room

Pastor Mark Brown Hebrews 5:12 1 Corinthians 13:11 Real Revival proceeds Real Repentance. When we sin and repent do we ever consider God's feelings? As youth we tend to focus on ourselves and our interests while neglecting others. It is time for us to mature in our thinking and living for God.

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