Why One God Matters

Pastor Mark Brown Deuteronomy 6:4 Matthew 16:15 There are countless beliefs about God. The scripture indicates that this topic is more than justmere semantics, but one's view carries consequence.

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Without Hope But Within Reach

Pastor Mark Brown Job 7:6 The state of hopelessness is a terrible place to live. Hope seems miles away and virtually unattainable. The truth is that hope is closer than you realize. It is within reach.

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Belief of One God

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 16:13-17 Many people have various views of who Jesus is, but Jesus wants to know who we believe Him to be. Does what we believe about God matter? As we begin to go through the Bible it becomes apparent that what we believe about God absolutely matters.

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The Multitude of No

Jeremiah 46:25 We tend to lean towards "majority rules". No was the majority in its day, but God was against the Multitude of No.

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The Ten Commandments: Part 2

Exodus 20:3 The first commandment is the most important commandment in the Bible. Jesus said that in Mark 12:29-31. We must know Who God is and serve Him only.

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