Who Found Baby Jesus?

Matthew 2:8 Luke 2:16 All of Israel waited for the Messiah but few sent out to seek the Messiah. Of the hosts who were made aware of the Messiah's arrival who were they that found Him & how did they find Him? Will you search diligently for Jesus?

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I Think I’ll Go To Church

Luke 2:27 Simeon was a faithful man. The Spirit prompted him in hope to see what the Spirit promised him. To see the Messiah before he died. Good thing he went to church that day or he would have missed the Messiah. It is best to settle in our minds "I Think I'll Go to Church".

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Fear Not

Matthew 1:20 Luke 1:30 Luke 2:10 Three times the angel told three different people to "Fear Not". Each were faced with different fears & God gave them hope to defeat their fear.

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