Fear Love

Pastor Mark Brown 1John 4:18 One would think the message of God's love would be the least confrontational. We might assume that all would receive it and run to it.…

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Worship or Worry

Pastor Mark Brown Matthew 6:34 It has been said that "Worrying is the worship of your problem". Jesus did not call us to worry but to worship. The enemy knows…

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Chris Green God wants to use our hands and feet for revival. Unfortunately insecurity tends to hold countless captive. The Lord wants to set us free from insecurity.

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Warfare of the Mind

Keith Fletcher There is a spiritual battle warring in our minds that is wanting to enslave us by fear. God wants to set us free from this prison and give us the mind of Christ and be victorious.

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I Don’t Care

Pastor Mark Brown 1 Peter 5:7 You ever meet someone who seems to care less or not care at all? It appears those who care less stress less. Perhaps there is something we can learn from their behavior. Maybe we carry too much care when we should be casting our cares upon God

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