A Rock And A Brother

Pastor Jared Kemmis Exodus 17:11-12 The church is blessed to have a Rock in Jesus Christ. But that same Rock Christ Jesus gave us a family in the church to…

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Father And Son

Pastor Mark Brown - Ephesians 6:4 The Bible is the foremost document that provides the function and purpose of a family. It is more common understanding for children to honor…

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Have You Considered?

Pastor Mark Brown Proverbs 6:6 There are lessons all around us to be learned. We must stop what we are doing, especially when it is not working, and consider why. The voice of God is calling us to consider His way so you don't lose your home.

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Feeble Fathers

Pastor Mark Brown Jeremiah 47:3 The Father is to be the spiritual leader of the home, guiding, and guarding the family. Unfortunately in this current society we have a third of children raised in a fatherless homes. This hour needs faithful fathers, not more feeble fathers.

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