How Do You Want To Come Home?

Pastor Mark Brown Luke 18:14 Both men came to the Temple to pray. Only went home differently. How do you want to go home? You can come to church the same and leave for home the same, or you can go home absolutely transformed.

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Quit While You’re Ahead

Pastor Mark Ruth 1:16 The life Naomi and Ruth lived in Moab obviously wasn't working. The wisest thing to do was quit while they were ahead, or quit while they still had their head. Ruth amazingly surrendered to a God she knew nothing about, but sensed something about. God can do miraculous things through a surrendered life that quits the old life.

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The Day The Devil Got Seven New Suits

Pastor Mark Brown Acts 19:15-16 The devil likes a good bargain. He will make you feel as if sin is a pretty good deal, but he will rip you off. God and the devil has something in common. They both don't intend to leave you as they found you. The difference is with the devil you will be worse off. With God you will be better off.

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Another Man

Pastor Mark Brown 1 Samuel 10:6 If you are not happy with who you are or who you are becoming, God can change you into another man (better person). It is all possible by the Spirit of God. People around the globe are trying to be another person than who they are, but will be disappointed in the end if it is not the Spirit of God transforming them into a better person.

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But Dust & Ashes

Genesis 18:27 When Abraham was interceding for Sodom & Gomorrah he approached with humility and reverence claiming that he was "but dust and ashes" and the Lord heard his cry and was ready to spare the city for 10 righteous souls. How do you view yourself? Time in the altar can transform you into ashes.

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