Who Wants a Miracle?

Pastor Mark Brown Hebrews 11:6 God is not only real, but He really rewards those that pursue Him. If you want a miracle, God wants your pursuit. God will meet you are your level of faith, and then exceed your expectations.

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Productive Prayer

Pastor Mark Proverbs 15:22 No one wants to be disappointed, especially in their prayer life. It can be discouraging to never see your prayers produce or be productive. There are three things you can do to change your prayers into productive prayers.

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Jesus is in the House

Mark 2:1 Where is Jesus? Do you know where to find Him? We must have him in our House of Worship & House of Living. When Jesus was in the house it was noised abroad and people from everywhere filled the place. People were healed and miracles happened.

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Sick of the Palsy

Mark 2:4 Evangelist Victor Jackson A step in the right direction for your miracle is to get "Sick of the Palsy". You need to get tired of where you're at.

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The Next Generation

Judges 2:6-10 God forbid the Next Generation goes through life and never sees the wonders of God found in the Bible occur in their lives. It's our job to show them & their job to go after it.

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