Ten Commandments: Part 10

Exodus 20:16 The Ninth Commandment instructs us not to lie. Are there areas in our lives that we are not honest with? It's one thing to lie to someone but what about withholding truth from them living a lie? The Truth we hold is the only thing that can set a captive free.

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Ten Commandments: Part 9

Exodus 20:15 The Eighth Commandment sounds very simple. Do not steal. We may or may not struggle with stealing from people, but what about from God?

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Ten Commandments: Part 8

Exodus 20:14 The Seventh Commandment is to not commit adultery. Most know the physical act is wrong, but does God confine adultery to just the physical act or does it run deeper than that?

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Ten Commandments: Part 7

Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill sounds like an easy enough command for most. We would say that we are not guilty of the action, but what about the attitude? Does that even matter?

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Ten Commandments: Part 6

Exodus 20:12 The Fifth Commandment tells us to honor our father and mother. For some that may be easy, while for others the most difficult task in the world when their father or mother did not do much to deserve honor. How do we fulfill this command?

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Ten Commandments: Part 5

Exodus 20:8-11 The Fourth Commandment is the longest one. God told us to remember the Sabbath Day and to keep it holy. How does this apply to us today? There is a day of rest God has for us to enter into and keep.

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